Get Involved
Become a classified Dive Center/Dive Instructor

To become a classified dive center you will need to have a classified diving instructor on staff. Once you have a classified dive instructor on staff you will be able to offer this SSI class along with the SSI classified dive buddy to your students. We will be conducting Classified programs around the country please contact us if there is a class near you or if you would like any more info on becoming a classified dive center



Become a Classified Dive Buddy

To become a classified dive buddy you will need to take the classified dive buddy course that is offered at your local SSI Classified Dive center. Once you have taken this course you are able to assist any classified diver that you are certified to support.






Become a Scuba Ambassador

Do you like diving? Do you like to make a difference? To become a Classified Diving Ambassador you have to have the drive to want to make a difference and spread the word of the Classified Dive Program. If this is something that interest you in being a helping hand on a trip or volunteering at any local event please contact us.